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Strobe for Sale - Union series flashlight, C3 Photography Studio, Shop & Store

600 w/s of professional-grade studio strobe

The Union series of strobes is customized for professional photography and studio use. It boasts comfort, huge variety of functions available and precise power variations that every photographer could use when it comes to studio photography. Actual 0.1 f-stop increments, digital LCD, functions and encoders all can be controlled dynamically from a wireless remote controller.

Strobes & Flashlights for Sale - Union series, C3 Photography Shop, Store & Studio

Easy to learn & use: Rotary Encoder System

Union-series strobes is design to give ease, comfort and quick problem-solving solutions to photographers at an economical price. One of the awesome systems that are built is the rotary encoder system, which allows photographers to quickly adjust settings for Flash Power Output controls, Modeling Light Power Output controls and/or both at the same time!

Union strobes & flashlight: Flash / Modeling Lamp Output controls - C3 Photography Shop, Store & Studio

The dial at the center of the “PUSH MODE” category can be used as such:

  1. For flash power tunings, press the dial once and select precise values by turning the dial.
  2. For modeling power tunings, press the dial twice and select precise values by turning the dial.
  3. For both flash and modeling power tunings, press thrice and turn the dial to set values.

Wireless Remote Control System: Swing

Swing Wireless Remote Control system for strobes & flashlights: Union - C3 Photography Shop, Store & StudioUnion series of strobes can be equipped with the wireless remote control system: Swing. Swing’s wireless system is RF (radio frequency) and runs at 2.4 GHz. This system will assist your photo shoots greatly when it comes to combining a few different strobes during a photo shoot.

The Swing wireless system has 16 channels and operating range is up to 110 meters.

4.5 f-stop highly precise digital control

Union strobes has 4.5 f-stop at the flash power intensity & modeling lamp (300w; G6.35 base). Digital controls for Union strobes can also control modeling lamp with a Prop function that adjusts the flash & continuous light power. Individual shots can also be programmed in the setting.

Powerful performance for photographing portraits & modelings

A powerful microprocessor is installed in Union strobes, allowing the intensity of halogen radiations to go up to 4.5 f-stops. This gives great precision and steadiness of color temperature at the power output of 1/10(0.1) f-step increments when it comes to repetitive shootings.

This technique also prolongs the strobe’s shelf life without giving it defects of discoloration, making the Union strobe excellent for portrait and modeling shots.

Great durability and less carrying weight

Union’s aluminium housing with a black-family matte for strobes and accessories gives strong protection to the strobe from any unwanted damage caused by its usage. Even when used with softboxes, brackets and die castings will not damage Union strobes, as they were built to fit perfectly into softboxes.

Its lightweight of 2kg ~ 4kg allows photographers to cast it into their softboxes and not worry about breaking its casting wires.

Long-lasting capacitor & flash tube

Union strobes uses Japan’s newly invented high-performance capacitor for professional use. Modeling lamps can be set at full brightness or automatically set porpotional to the flash tube’s light output.

This advanced, long-lasting capacitor and flash tube can be used to a maximum of 100,000 times at full power. Low power usages allow up to twice the amount of times used, at 200,000 times. The time it takes to recharge is 1-2 seconds.

The flash tube guarantees short flash durations, and it’s easier to find a replacement after it has depleted all of its resources. Purchasing a new flash tube will not affect its color tone.

Proportional levels of modeling lights

Union strobes gives you the choice to select between proportional and differential levels of modeling lights. It is equipped with a 2-pin, plug-in halogen lamp. Halogen lamps gives higher color temperature and brighter lighting while its lifespan is prolonged twice of a normal incandescent lamp.

While considering convenience for users, the halogen lamp is compatible with Union strobes’ flash tube. Lighting stability has also been increased to meet worldwide security standards.

Improved overheat protection: Upgraded cooling systems

All of Union strobes are installed with an upgraded and improved cooling systems, composing of the overheat protection circuit and cooling fan. The cooling fan automatically cools down silently when the strobe’s high temperatures are built up.

Another overheat protection feature of the circuit is the hotsync, where it protects the strobe’s system from malfunctions and burns when a flash is overheated.

UV-protection on the cover glass and flash tube

Union’s flash strobes are all covered with a protective glass to prevent flash tubes from breaking. The pyrex glass domes are transluscent, great for softening shadows and giving protection to the flash tube.

The Pyrex glass dome that comes with your Union strobe is UV-balanced to ensure color consistency. There are five (5) standard colors for the Pyrex glass dome: Transparent (clear), Frost, Front-Frost, Brown and Light Brown. Using different Pyrex domes gives different photographic results.

Better functions for less cash

You can be assured that the Union strobe is a powerful strobe designed for professional use at an economical price. Check out some of the awesome features:

  1. Digital LCD encoder that allows adjustments of flash light intensity and modeling lamp brightness with a click-dial.
  2. Technologically innovative main processor with digital encoder system on the latest architected SMD circuit board in Union strobes.
  3. Bright display LCD to give comfort to the eyes.
  4. Union saves you investment dollars by giving you quick, accurate and powerful lighting systems so that you don’t have to spend more on expensive lighting equipments.

Union strobes gives professional photographers the performance they need at a very good price! This powerful strobe for studio use starts at RM1,350! Get your best studio lighting package kits here ยป

Flashlight Specifications

Models Union 4 Union 6
Max Output Power 400 w/s 600 w/s
Maximum Exposure 32.6 45.3
Control Range of Flash 4.5 f-stops in 0.1 f-stop increments 4.5 f-stops in 0.1 f-stop increments
Recycling Time, Min~Max (230v) 0.1 ~ 1.7s 0.1 ~ 1.9s
Recycling Time, Min~Max (110v) 0.1 ~ 2.1s 0.1 ~ 2.2s
Color Temperature (+/- 250) 5500 5500
Display System LCD LCD
Flash Duration (0.5t) 1/2050 1/1900
Flash Monitoring Audible & Visual Audible & Visual
Modeling Light Halogen Max. 300w, GX 6.35, Pin Halogen Max. 300w, GX 6.35, Pin
Circuit Protection Fuse 250V T10AL Fuse 250V T10AL
Flash Release Infrared Photocell / Synchro Cord, Test Button Infrared Photocell / Synchro Cord, Test Button
Overheat Protection Yes Yes
Cooling Systems AC Cooling Fan AC Cooling Fan
Memory Last set-up memory retain Last set-up memory retain
Modeling Light Set-up Proportional to Flash, Free, On / Off Proportional to Flash, Free, On / Off
Mount RiME LITE (Hyundae Photonics) / Bowens RiME LITE (Hyundae Photonics) / Bowens
Dimensions (LxWxH, mm) 390x120x115 390x120x115
Weight (kg) 3 3.3