cThree’s industry-standard photography studio is built with requirements of professional photography in mind and to also accommodate photographers from other levels: Be it photography for portrait, landscape, product shootings and so forth. Equipped with highest end of photographic lighting series and studio accessories from the largest brand in South Korea, RiME LITE (formerly known as Hyundae Photonics / ACE Photonics), cThree’s photography studio a great place to shoot all sorts of items: Moving objects, live subjects, people and still products.

Photography Studio Rental

cThree’s photography studio comes equipped with state of art camera lighting facilities and other industry-standard studio equipments, such as different backdrops, photo shoot props and dressing areas. There’s no limit to what you can do with our photography studio:

  • Product Shots: If you need a space to take products for any of your clients, we can arrange boxes, highly flexible shooting tables from Imajoo and other necessary props for your use.
  • Model Shots: For portrait photography and shooting, different colored backdrops are available for use. Dressing tables and areas are provided. In the future, we’ll introduce our clothing & fashion partners to provide different clothing for your models.
  • Photography Workshop: Need a spacious studio to conduct photography lessons and workshops? Our main studio room is designed to accommodate up to 30 participants for practical workshops.

So come and take a look at our studio before you commit!

C3 Photography Studio Rental - Flashlights & Strobes, Lighting Accessories and Equipments

Photographic Lightings

In order for you to fully experience your time in our photography studio, we’ve picked the highest end product lines from the largest domestic brand in South Korea, RiME LITE (formerly known as Hyundae Photonics / ACE Photonics) ; XB Prime flashlights for our studio usage.

XB Prime Flashlight & Strobes used in C3's Studios for RentalClick on the image to view the XB Prime or click here.

Don’t worry if you are a beginner in studio lighting, our assistants will be there to help and guide you through.

What flash lights/guns that are available in our studio?

  1. 4 units of 700W XB Prime.
  2. 1 unit of 500W XB Prime
  3. 1 unit of 1,200W XB Prime (on request).
  4. 1 unit of HMI Light (continuous)
  5. 2 units of 400W DLite4 (Elinchrom)
  6. 2 sets of wireless triggers (Swing system).
  7. 1 unit of  professional product shooting table from Korea.
  8. 8 units of professional-grade softboxes ranging from strip, rectangle and octagon shapes with different sizes.
  9. More than 10 types of light modifiers (standard/background reflectors, barndoors, colour filters, beauty dishes, light panels, etc.) or almost any light modifiers / reflectors you can find at our photography shop.
  10. Air-cushioned flashlight stands.
  11. 2 units of tables for your computer, items, camera and 5 units of extension cords.
  12. 1 unit of high quality, carbon fiber-base tripod.
  13. 5 interchangeable backdrops in White, Grey, Black, Red and Green.
  14. Changing area and make-up area (with tables).
  15. 1 unit CD music player, radio-enabled.
  16. One/a few really friendly chaps that you will make you a very happy person.

BYOC (Bring your own Camera)

Although at cThree, we have prepared few popular camera models for rental purposes, our experience with studio set-ups and rentals have thought our photography team a valuable lesson: That is nothing better than to Bring You Own Camera(s).