Power Action 6

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Power Action 6 from Rime Lite, for outdoor photography - cThree Photography Shop, Store & Studio
Power Action 6 from Rime Lite, for outdoor photography

Outdoor photography with power and ease

In every battery-powered strobe, there’s always a trade off – Weight. And for those who use battery packs on strobes, they know it wouldn’t last long at full power. Rime Lite’s (formerly known as ACE Photonics) Power Action 6 solves these problems for professional outdoor photography.

With additional 10% battery life than usual, there is no need anymore for photographers to worry about the number of hours before their battery dies – And with reduced weight on the batter, what could be better?

Power Action 6: Battery pack - cThree Photography Shop, Store & Studio

Power Action 6 from Rime Lite, Korea: 6kg battery weight and 450 shots on full - cThree Photography Shop, Store & Studio600 w/s, two boom heads and 6kg battery weight

The Power Action 6 comes with two slots for an additional boom head – Where photographers can add an additional boom head to get additional light source. Other than just the sync cable, additional fuse, digital LCD, radio button and the photo cell function, this bad boy packs 600 w/s with a maximum exposure of f/45.3.

6kgs of battery weight makes it portable to carry around (other battery packs often weigh around 9-15 kgs), have it in your car, check into your baggage when you go overseas, or simply moving it from point A to B.

According to Rime Lite, the amount of shots you can take with a fully charged battery is from 150 – 450 shots. Based on our test unit, the Power Action 6 performs much better. At full power with one boom head (600 w/s @ 5.5), the battery pack can last approximately 300 shots.

Highly durable, long lasting, advanced strobe technology

Power Action 6: Two boom heads - cThree Photography Shop, Store & StudioBecause this strobe covers almost all major aspects of an outdoor photographer’s needs, there are some little nitty gritty things that may not seem obvious, but could prove annoying. Rime Lite solves these problems too:

  • Digital LCD for ease of use.
  • Two power outlets on the battery for a second boom head.
  • 6 kgs of battery weight.
  • Approximately 300 shots @ full power with 600 w/s.
  • Durable aluminum housing with advanced cooling systems.
  • 4.5 f-stop digital controls on the power (radio button).
  • Advanced colour spaces / white balance control.
  • Modeling lamp / continuous lighting function.


  • Max Output – 600 w/s
  • Max Exposure – 45.3
  • 4.5 f-stops
  • Digital encoder system
  • Actual 0.1 f-stop adjustments
  • Recycling time – 0.1s ~ 3.5s
  • Color Temperature – 5500K
  • Flash Duration – 1/1700
  • GU 5.3 Modeling Base
  • Halogen Lamp 50W

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