CThree’s lounge is packed with loads of items, fun and relaxation – Treat it as a second home if you will. We have a few areas you may want to jump into, just to get started. Here are some of the reasons why we built a lounge area for our photography enthusiasts and members:

  • To mingle, share, organize and as a rendez-vous point for groups of hobby-driven photographers.
  • A place to set meetings with clients (for freelance models, photographers and designers)
  • Exhibit photographs and showcase creative photo shots.
  • Portray skills and creativeness to community by using cThree’s showcasing facilities.
  • As a training center & grounds for photography lessons, guides and techniques.
  • Gathering point for sightseeing cum photography tour and other events.
  • Facility center for Photo Editing & Retouching.

Of course, the ultimate purpose for this lounge is to accommodate our members in the most comfortable fashion. In the future, cThree will create and expand further its lounge into a place where you can call a second home.

C3 Photography Lounge: Computer Area to download and upload files, transfer photographs and edit images

Computer area for members to edit/upload/transfer photographs, etc.

C3 Photography Lounge: Discussions and Meetings Area #2

There are many photography reference books, magazines and media examples for you to refer to

C3 Photography Lounge: Discussions and Meetings Area

Place to sit down, chat & plan for your photo shoots or maybe share media with friends

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