FAME 6 Upgraded Version

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Product Information

Fame 600 w/s is an extremely powerful economical flashlight/strobe from Hyundae Photnics (Formerly known as ACE Phontonics) that produces professional-looking results.

Strobes & Lights: Fame strobe, economical, amateur flashlight with professional results - C3 Photography Shop, Store & Studio

Studio flashlight at 600 w/s

Want professional results in your studio without the need to burst your pockets? Choose Fame strobes. Fame is an economical strobe that produces professional-quality images, suitable for light, auxiliary or teaching uses. Its functions and systems work very well for beginner-level photographers as it’s an easy-to-use, compact and lightweight strobe.

With 4.5 f-stops, improved cooling systems, easy dial knob, UV-protection and upgraded capacitor, Fame strobes can be a great auxiliary flash light for expert photographers, a great addition for intermediates and awesome learning tool for beginners; to get the feel, look and results of professional photographing.

Professional features for a low price

Fame strobes are well-known for its steady color temperature, flash intensity, quick charge & discharge and simple functions & operations available on the strobe. Because of its ability to have stable color temperature and flash intensity, the Fame series of strobes are great to use as an auxiliary light for modeling lighting.

Its quick charge & discharge feature also works very well for photographing moving objects.

Fame: Sample shots from the strobe - Dining area - C3 Photography Shop, Store & Studio4.5 f-stop, modeling light support

Fame strobes can be programmed to have variable flash range, supported by a proportional and steady modeling light. It also gives good aperture precisions, with 4.5 f-stop, making Fame strobes a great way to photograph objects or conditions as-is.

Upgraded Capacitor

Aluminium electrolytic capacitors for camera flashes are required to be highly reliabile and contain microminiaturization capacities. Rubycon’s aluminium electrolytic capacitors can store necessary charge to moderate output voltage and fluctuations in rectifier.

While its output have very high capacitance, it also allows filters made with them to have very low corner frequencies. Packed with stable lighting and color temperature results, Fame strobes gives images a good boost to how they already look like.

Improved Flash Tube

Fame strobes’ flash tubes are professional, custom-made flash tubes that are similar to the ones used in XB Prime strobes and Union strobes, where its usage capacity tops at 100,000 times for full power and 200,000 times of usage for low-level usages.

Cover glass for Flash Tube protection

All of Fame’s strobes comes with a cover glass used to protect the strobe’s flash tube from breaking. Also, Fame’s clear flash tubes are mounted behind a UV-balanced Pyrex dome to ensure color consistency of the flash over its lifetime period.

There are five (5) standard colors available: Transparent, Frost, Front-Frost, Brown and Light Brown.

Flashlight Specifications

Models Fame-6
Max Output Power 600 w/s
Maximum Exposure 45
Control Range of Flash 4.5 f-stops
Recycling Time, Min~Max (230v) 0.1 ~ 2.2s
Recycling Time, Min~Max (110v) 0.1 ~ 2.4s
Color Temperature (+/- 250) 5500
Flash Duration (0.5t) 1/1700
Flash Monitoring Audible & Visual
Modeling Light 230v Halogen, Max. 300w, GX 6.35
Modeling Light 100 ~ 120v Halogen, Max. 300w, GX 6.35
Circuit Protection Fuse 250V T10AL
Flash Release Infrared Photocell / Synchro Cord, Test Button
Cooling Systems DC Cooling Fan
Mount RiME LITE (Hyundae Photonics) / Bowens
Dimensions (LxWxH, mm) 385x120x115
Weight (kg) 2.5