FAME 6 Upgraded Version

Fame 600 w/s is an extremely powerful economical flashlight/strobe from Hyundae Photnics (Formerly known as ACE Phontonics) that produces professional-looking results. Studio flashlight at 600 w/s Want professional results in your studio without the need to burst your pockets? Choose Fame strobes. Fame is anĀ economical strobeĀ that produces professional-quality images, suitable for light, auxiliary or teaching uses. Its functions and systems work very well for beginner-level photographers as it’s an easy-to-use, compact and lightweight strobe. With 4.5 f-stops, improved cooling systems, easy dial knob, UV-protection and upgraded capacitor, Fame strobes can be a great auxiliary flash light for expert photographers, a great addition for intermediates and awesome learning tool for beginners; to get the feel,...

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STORM 4 Plus

Flashlight Specifications Models STORM 4 Plus STORM 4 Max Output Power 400 w/s 400 w/s Maximum Exposure 32.8 32.8 Control Range of Flash 5.0 f-stops in 0.1 f-stop increments 5.0 f-stops in 0.1 f-stop increments Recycling Time, Min~Max (230v) 0.1 ~ 2.2s 0.1 ~ 2.2s Recycling Time, Min~Max (110v) 0.1 ~ 2.4s 0.1 ~ 2.4s Color Temperature (+/- 250) 5500 5500 Display System LCD LCD Flash Duration (0.5t) 1/1700 1/1700 Flash Monitoring Audible & Visual Audible & Visual Modeling Light Halogen Max. 300w, GX 6.35, Pin Krypton Max. 250w, E27 Screw Type Circuit Protection Fuse 250V T10AL Fuse 250V T10AL Flash Release Infrared Photocell / Synchro Cord, Test Button Infrared Photocell / Synchro Cord,...

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