Photography workshops for all

Hello there people. It’s been a good month since our last photography event – 5themes, where we ran a studio photography marathon in conjunction with our grand opening to the photography world! You can view some of the photos in our Facebook group. It was good fun – Many people attended, many people couldn’t. There was an enthusiastic participant who even drove all the way from Old Klang Town to Puchong just to attend our event.

Anyway, enough stories. Back to the topic.

cThree is now offering photography workshops!

Because there were a good number of requests coming from our members, event participants, friends, families and co-workers for cThree to provide photography workshops, we’ve been working hard for this past month to bring you great teachers from almost each corner of the photography industry right to your doorsteps.
Photography workshops in Malaysia - For beginners, intermediate & advanced photographers

Meaning, starting October 9th, 2010, cThree will be organizing photography workshops for all sorts of camera users – Whether you’re using a DSLR camera, compact/digital camera, cellphone camera or spy-cams (muahaha), we’re going to not only teach you how to use your camera well, but also take good care of it, learn how to angle them right, use advanced photo editing technologies available today and utilise all the hidden functions and combinations in your camera.

Type of camera workshops/training available

No, no, we won’t waste your time. Here are some of our photography & camera training (or more commonly known to the public as photography workshops) objectives:

Before you buy, we’ll guide you through the process of selecting a camera, whether it’s a digital (compact) camera or a DSLR (Digital Single Lens Reflex) baby.

When you know what to select, we’ll then guide you briefly on its functions so that you’re REALLY sure you’re making that correct investment.

After confirming/deciding what to buy, we’ll let you into our juicy secrets on where to get the best service and/or best price for whichever camera you’re purchasing.

Then, when you have a camera, we’ll take you through many photography categories so that you can instantly start photographing what you love most.

From there, our ‘experts’ will help you sharpen your photography skills based on your interest – Whether it’s portrait, nude, still life, nature or spy-cam photography. Heh-heh-heh. Spy.

Our studio assistant will then organize photoshooting events specifically for you to experience photographing objects real life, at the scene; kind of thing. You get the drift.

We’ll then introduce photo editing softwares so that you can ‘beef’ your pictures up and impress your friends.

Our in-house designer cum photographer will then teach you how to use a photo editing software to make the most out of your photographs, pictures & shots taken.

Once you’re familiar with using your camera & a photo editing software, we’ll teach you how to get creative with your camera, environment and more.

Alas, we grow as a group to learn & share from each other – And who knows, you might even consider us as your hobby partners?

    Getting started with our photography training sessions

    Seriously, it’s so simple. All you got to do is fill the “I’m interested in your workshops!” form below and you can get started on your long, fruitful, fun & exciting photography journey with us, yourself, your friends & your camera.

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